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Bespoke consumer data profiling 
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Consumer Data

Consumer Data

There are approximately 61 million people residing in the UK, 28 million households, 33 million cars and over 15 million regular Internet users. Prospect 360 provides access to these via up-to-date and reliable contact lists, based on your pre-agreed criteria, to be used as part of telemarketing, mailing, e-mail or mobile marketing projects.

There are 1000's of different data files available for UK B2C data; we can use our expertise to objectively recommend which will be the most relevant and cost-effective list-source to utilise.

Some of the data sets and variables which can be included or excluded to segment your target client-base include:

  • Profile - age, sex, marital status, no. of dependants, level of affluence, demographic group, Acorn Classification, house type, employment status, household income, homeowner, occupation / company buying responsibility.
  • Lifestyle - holiday types, favourite drink, music tastes, make of car, preferred newspaper, Internet provider.
  • Interests - sport, computing, dating, books, gaming, gambling, competitions, home improvements etc.
  • Financial Products - mortgage, loans, insurance renewal month (car, home, life, health), stocks/shares/investments, pension, credit card, sub-prime/adverse market, CCJ’s etc.
  • Shopping Habits - preferred supermarket, online shopping frequency, tea/coffee brand, store card users etc.
  • MISC - known charity givers (wildlife, child etc), time at current address, investment property, pets etc.
  • Prime Data- We can also provide prime data, consumers who have requested information on over 200 specific products and services within the last 3,6 or 12 months. Examples include:
    • requested info on debt / loan consolidation
    • would like to join an online research panel
    • consider changing bank
    • plan to purchase a new car within next 12 months
    • plan to move house in next 12 months
    • considering motor breakdown services
    • considering a will or pension
    • recently turned down for a loan
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Date published: 01/01/2013
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