What makes a good prospect list?

The following factors are critical when considering a list source:

Data-Collection Strategy - How the data has originally been compiled. Telephone surveys, postal research, specific opt-in's, magazine subscribers, electoral roll etc.
Cleansing Cycles - Methods employed to ensure data remains fresh and how frequently the verifications take place.
List Data-Fields - Are the variables available for screening relevant to your requirement? Can they be matched against further data sets for additional targeting?
Cost - Will the price of the list allow for a suitable ROI?
List Volume - Are there enough available contacts to meet the requirements of the project?
List Rental Types - Is the data offered on a suitable lease basis.

How is our data collected and kept up-to-date?
All files available, whether b2b or b2c, are collected and managed with slightly different approaches. Business data tends to be telephone updated throughout the year, further verified by e-mail research and feeds from Companies House. Consumer data is ascertained via postal research, telephone surveys or e-mail marketing. We can advise you which data source (and collection method) will most closely match your requirement. A recency banding is always placed on data purchases to ensure intelligence is reliable, such as "collected or verified in last 6 months".

Which data variables can be used for market screening?
Some examples of these can be found within the business or consumer pages of our site. This is only a small selection of what is available; please contact us to discuss other field-types that can be manipulated.

What rental & usage terms do we offer on our data?
Data can be purchased based on the following licence types:

Single Use - Data can be used for one mailing or telemarketing activity only.
3, 6, 12-Month Unlimited Lease - All data can be used as many times as required within an agreed period.
Outright Ownership - The database contacts are owned-outright by the business or end-client. You may only continue to use contacts after an agreed rental period if they have responded positively to your targeting. The copyright of all other contacts remains with the list owner and cannot be used without re-licensing.

How do you deliver my list of contacts?
We aim to deliver your database by e-mail within 24 hours of order confirmation. The following formats are available:
E-mail - (no charge)
CD Rom - (£5 charge)
Labels - (£75 per 1000)

What if I have an existing database of contacts?
If you need to de-duplicate against your in-house database, to ensure you are not paying for existing contacts, please provide us with a list of company names and postcodes and these will be screened pre-order. There is no additional charge for de-duping

What level of response should I expect from my marketing database?
This will ultimately depend on the exact nature of the offering and how the respective project is executed. However, standard (prudent) conversion rates are as follows:
Telemarketing - 5-10%
E-mail Broadcasting - 1-5%
Mobile / SMS Marketing - 1-5%
Fax Broadcasting - 1-5%

What if the list I need is simply not available?
There are many sources of business and consumer intelligence with a variety of variables to be utilised for targeted marketing. However not all bases are covered, so we can assist you to implement data capture projects that will generate leads, e-mails, members etc for bespoke requirements.

What are suppression files?
All data we provide is suppressed against relevant industry files pre-delivery, this ensures your data is legal and can be used effectively in your campaign. Businesses or Individuals list their details on a central register and "Opt-out" to receive unsolicited marketing approaches.

 The leading UK suppression files include:
The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) - The TPS is a register containing UK Individuals (consumers, sole traders) who have requested not to receive unsolicited sales calls. It is a legal requirement for businesses not to call numbers on this register.
The Corporate Telephone Preference Service (cTPS) - As above, but applicable to Ltd and PLC companies.
The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) - The MPS register contains UK individuals who have requested not to receive unsolicited direct mail.
The Bereavement Register - When someone dies the government must be notified within 7 days to officially register the death. The bereaved family have the opportunity to register the death using this register, minimizing mail to the deceased.
The National Change of Address File (NCOA) - This is sourced from the Royal Mail's re-direction database, where it is possible to append new addresses for prospects that have recently changed address.

How do we charge?
Quotes we submit will normally be based on a cost per 1000 records and in some cases a minimum order value will apply. There will be no hidden charges for management or delivery etc. 
The final price of your requested contacts will depend on a number of factors such as:
Contact Type - (i.e. do you need tels, e-mails, addresses etc)
Search Variables - How many inclusions or exclusions are applied to the data
Usage - How many times you plan to use the data and across which channels. 
Volume discounts are available.

What are the Payment Terms?
Payment up-front for new clients, credit terms ongoing as a relationship is established.

What are our Terms of Business?
Our full terms of business can be found .

Do we have a replacement policy?
All data we provide is regularly updated throughout the year via ongoing telephone verification projects, e-mail research and postal surveys. However circumstances can change quickly, so any data records we provide that are more than 5% outside the pre-agreed criteria will be replaced free of charge.
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