Give to Receive

Give to Receive

For the majority of us in business the biggest problem we face is finding ways to win new customers.

It's a tough trying to convince total strangers that you've got the best solution(s) for their problem.

If there's one piece of advice you take away then let it be this, you have to help your prospects.

You have to convince them that you can help them by helping them.

Solve a problem within their business before you ask them to become clients.


In order to achieve this you have to be prepared (and able) to give them something for free. Now whilst you may suddenly think "surely they'll just take and take without ever giving me business and I'll lose a lot of potential clients" that's not strictly true.

You probably don't even realise it but people have a natural urge to reciprocate when we're given something, a subconcious desire to balance the situation. Obviously the better the quality of the gift the more likely someone is to return the favour with something of near equal value.

You're effectively having to help prospects resolve an issues wthin their business before you're even asking them to become clients.

Therefore by offering your prospects something for free you're significantly increasing the chances that they'll convert into clients.

If you're struggling to think of what to provide then pick up the ever reliable pen and paper (digital or analog, your choice) and make a note on one side of what problems your prospect(s) may have and on the other write down the results if you were to fix the problem.

Between each of these points plot out what steps you're going to advise them to take in order to achieve that end product. With those steps planned out take a look at what you can offer your prospect(s) for free in order to help facilitate the process.

If you're able to succesfully integrate this into your marketing then you'll be well on the way to gaining more and more clients.
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