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7 Answers To Questions About Using Data List Brokers

Do you offer samples?

Everyone as we all know, like a free sample. Whether it is food tasting in the supermarket or selecting the right paint in the DIY store. So we need to know that what we are buying is going to be the right fit for us.  Data marketing lists are no exception.  When choosing the right data list broker the acid test is how good is their data.  A reputable data and marketing list broker will be happy to provide a ‘live’ sample of the data they hold.  Providing sample data shows that they are confident that the data is correct and up to date. Reputable data list brokers often will give a guarantee on the accuracy of the data they provide. 

How effective are email lists?

Because email marketing outperforms social media in terms of connecting with clients, email lists are crucial. In actuality, emails have a 6x higher chance of generating higher click-through rates than tweets. Additionally, compared to Facebook or Twitter, email is 40 times more effective in bringing in new clients.

What is a good size email list?

According to research, you should send no fewer than four emails each month and no more than eight emails per month if your list size is less than 2000. You should not send more than five emails each week if you receive about 100 subscribers per week but lose 20 subscribers on average with each email sent.

Why you should buy email lists?

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Purchasing Email Lists

•           Increase your audience and sales growth. Your potential audience grows each time you acquire a new email list.. …

•           Provide a constant flow into your sales and marketing funnels. …

•           A quality list can increase return on investment. …

•           Increase the return on customer acquisition costs. …

•           Valuable resources are freed up.

Is it illegal to buy an email list?

Although purchasing an email list is permissible, using it to send marketing messages to those who haven’t given their explicit consent to do so may be against the law. Local laws in the recipient’s home country will decide this.

What is B2B email list?

A contact list including B2B email addresses is known as a B2B email list. They can either be purchased from a B2B email list provider or organically produced. The latter automates the process, increasing efficiency, whilst the former relies on manual prospecting to gather and compile data.

Does Mailchimp allow purchased lists?

Don’t purchase email lists if you are using Mailchimp

“As a leading marketing platform, Mailchimp has a strict permission-based list policy. We do not provide, sell, share, or rent email lists to users. We also don’t allow purchased, publicly available, third-party, or rented lists to be imported into our system.”

Prospect360 use and are affiliated with ZoomMail who are proving to be a useful platform for sending emails to your B2B campaigns that include purchased data lists.

We have had great success using ZoomMail for several of our clients’ projects and are grateful for their professionalism, support, and help. We heartily endorse them.

Follow this link to the ZoomMail login and registration platform.

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