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Turn your Blog into a Customer Magnet

Blogging for your business is all about building up trust with your potential clients. And having to create fresh and engaging content for your blog regularly can be difficult.

In order to capture the audience and turn readers into customers, you need to give a fresh perspective.

Write your blogs for the readers, that is very important. Approach every topic you write about from the perspective of your audience. Start with what are the questions your customer typically asks and take it from there. Use your experience with customers and make it useful, easy to understand and free from technical jargon. The readers are reading your content because they think that it will benefit them and offer valuable information, so you need to talk in language that they are going to understand.

Readers like to be able to put knowledge to use quickly so offer advice based on real-world experience that is something that can be put into action. Every one that reads your blog should come away having learnt something.

If there is a topic that you are not an expert in, then find someone who is and learn from them. You could invite them to be a guest blogger and share their knowledge with your readers. It will offer fresh content to your site and they may then recommend your products or services to others.

Try using images to break up long pieces of text to keep the reader interested. Stay away from stock images if possible and add a graph every now and then if appropriate. This will help readers that are more visual absorb your ideas.

People don’t read blogs so they can hear a sales pitch. You are trying to establish yourself and your business as trustworthy and credible and as an expert in your field so use your blog to educate readers. If you can build this relationship then, when the time comes that they need what you are selling, your business with be at the front of their mind.

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