Home Movers Data Marketing List

Home Movers Data Marketing List

Home movers data combined with residential lettings data combine to provide and very wide and needy market for suppliers. The good news is that Prospect360 has access to and can easily segment this data into marketing lists that you can utilise to capitalise on this constantly refreshing market.

Being able to access data around home moving opens up a huge and constantly changing market. On average 100,000 households move house every month and with every move comes the need to have services provided and property improvements. This is a market where we have the data you need to market to more households that need your goods and services.

If you are looking for specific marketing data around homes listings we have a wide variety of data we can provide that will be of great interest. Despite the large volume of household moves every month some properties remain listed for months prior to being sold or even withdrawn from the sales listing. Are looking for data on properties that have been listed for sale for a long time, or properties that have been taken off the market after failing to achieve a sale? We know this is valuable information, especially if you know that most properties in the UK are sold on their second listing. We can provide data on the length of time a property has been listed, and the price for up to 2 years! Look at the data in the table below and you can see that we hold data on every stage of the property sale or letting process.

What is contained in the home movers data? For this file we only provide postal addresses, no telephone numbers or emails.

The top 5 most common home improvements after a move account for account for 3% of UK GDP

They are new furniture, new kitchen, new bathroom, energy efficiency and smart devices so if you are in any of these industries them a home mover data marketing list will work for you. These figures don’t relate only to house buying and selling, we can also provide the details for the residential lettings marketing data.

Our home movers data and residential lettings marketing list, does not only cover households we can provide data marketing lists on vital for related industries. Look at the table below to see all of the valuable data we hold. From live residential property sales information including:

Property Address, Sale Price, Date of Completion in weekly format upto 24 months post sale.  Notification of newly advertised properties with listing date and price.  UK wide Home mover data, PAF formatted addresses of all UK properties with PAF keys (UDPRN & UMRRN)

Household Level EPC Variables data including: 

Current energy usage required for space heating, water heating and lighting in kWh/year multiplied by fuel costs of a property against the potential energy requirement determined by the assessor.

Take a look at the home mover data in the table below and call us for a bespoke list sample. For this file we only provide postal addresses, no telephone numbers or emails.

Please get in touch to get an up-to-date count.  Our data is screened every 30 days using the TPS to ensure it is up to date, clean and accurate.

We can provide you with a Home letting marketing database UK or Home letting marketing list UK