Uk Construction Trade List

UK Construction Trade List

Utilising a combination of Companies House data and input publicly available intelligence, this data is also further enhanced via telephone list-building activities executed on a rolling basis. A list that has been derived for businesses who sell to the UK construction trade, it provides invaluable contacts for offerings that include insurance, publishing, health and safety management, marketing, fleet management and plant / machinery hire.

The majority of companies are all supplied with the registered business address, regional sites / branches, telephone number and a senior named contact (MD, Owner or equivalent). For the larger organisations a variety of further decision-makers are available such as Finance, Marketing, Sales and Purchasing. Around 20% of business are also supplied with a recently tested e-mail address.

We currently hold 10,421 personal emails of company decision makers and where you might need the postal, and telephone and email addresses we have 7,451. That data can be segmented and sorted in various ways based on different criteria.

In this table we are looking at the data we hold for the UK construction trades. These tables hold the postal, telephone and personal email of a decision maker in the company. The data has been segmented by the number of employees in the company and banded into employee size. With this data you can send a letter email and then follow up with a telephone call.

In this table we are looking at the same data we hold for the UK construction trades but this time split by UK region.