UK Manufacturers Database

UK Manufacturers Database

If you are looking for contact information of a decision maker in the UK Manufacturing industry we have exactly what you are looking for.

What do you get with our Manufacturer Database list?

A comprehensive data-pool covering UK registered businesses involved in the manufacture and supply of products including furniture, chemicals, food, toys and machinery. With detailed company activity fields companies can be cherry picked based on general sectors (e.g. Food Manufacture, Metals) or the actual products made (Biscuits, Garage doors etc).

Our data tables below, shows a list of 218 different manufacturing industries in the UK where we hold 15,981 personal business emails of a decision maker, segmented by UK region.

We hold similar data for the number of telephone numbers of decision makers in the uk Manufacturing industry 43,141 and where we hold the email and telephone number for the decision maker there are 12,410. This means that you have the data available to email and follow up with a telephone call.

If you require the postal, telephone and email of a decision maker then we have 12,272 records where we hold all three.

Manufacturing Industry including SIC Code By UK Region