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Email Marketing Is Still Powerful

Email is still a Powerful Marketing Tool

Although social media and video have become popular ways of reaching potential customers, email marketing remains a powerful channel that helps you deliver content in a well-timed format.

One major reason for the success of email marketing is that it allows you to communicate directly with your customers. When this is done correctly, the various benefits one can enjoy are many, building a loyal following and connecting in new ways.

But how do you ensure that your email marketing strategy is a success?

Take a look at our 7 top tips so you can grab the attention of every person on your list.

1. Keep it mixed. Many companies use email to draw readers to their latest blog post, which is great. But email can also be used to inform your reader about industry updates and special offers, ask them to attend a specific event, or gather together multiple updates and stories for those who don’t have time for reading.

2. Get your send balance right. If you are marketing to your consumer audience, it may make sense to send them emails more often, for business-to-business marketers, it is best not to contact people too often. At the same time, don’t under communicate. Always find that balance between showing your audience that you care and not being heckling or overbearing.

3 Plan your emails in advance. When you know how often you want to be sending emails and what kind of content should be included in your campaign, create a plan for the next few months of campaigns. This ensures your email campaigns are always successful and stay on budget. You can rest assured you won’t be scrambling for new content ideas at the last minute. 

4 Take care with formatting. Ensure your emails look inviting by adding eye-catching imagery, headings (and subject line), and a clean and professional layout to the message.

5 Keep your mailing list up to date. If someone unsubscribes from your list, always make sure they’re removed (do this as soon as possible). A good CRM will do this automatically.

6 Track your campaign actions. Your email marketing tools provide metrics to monitor your campaign’s performance – e.g. by counting clicks and opens. Use that data to do more of what works for you.

7 Follow up emails with a phone call. The money is in the follow up. Follow-up calls are a sure fire way to increase your sales and leads. You make contact instead of sitting back and waiting for a return email that may or may not come. Calling people is a proactive approach, which will undoubtedly bring in more prospects.

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Email is still a Powerful Marketing Tool