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Every Marketers dream

Every Marketers dream is to be able to generate leads on auto pilot.

If leads are being generated without you having to think about it then your focus is free to work on something else. You can convert potential customers to actual customers and work on making existing customers, repeat customers.

To make this dream come true you need to make sure you have an effective marketing process in place. You need a system that generates a name and an email address that allows you to advertise and market to your potential clients over time which in turn allows them to buy from you when they are ready.

This is a two-stage process. The first is all about building a support system and the second is the process of doing this, whether it be pay per clicks, advertising or an email campaign. Stage one allows the campaign in stage two to deliver results.

Stage one includes a Lead Magnet. This is an offer that is so valuable to your website visitors that they will give up their email address in exchange for it. It can be whatever you want to offer, a free gift, and eBook, white paper or video. What you offer isn’t as important as how you present it.

You will see ‘Sign up for our Newsletter’ of hundreds of websites but this only creates minimal interest. Something like, ‘Five Vital Secrets to Maximise your Business Income’ is much more likely to grab people’s attention and get them to hand over their contact details.

You then need to dedicate a large area of your home page on your website to ensure that this really stands out. You could also use a Squeeze Page which is a one-page website with the only purpose being to promote the lead magnet and get contact details for potential customers, nothing else.

Once this has been done you need to send out a number of information rich emails to the potential customers that have given you their details. The main aim is to establish your credibility and raise awareness of your company name and brand. Show that you are your industry’s leading expert by sharing some of your best stuff. It is a hugely competitive market out there, so you are going to have to give it your all to stand out from the rest. You are looking to make an impression and getting them to want to talk to you.

This brings you to your irresistible offer – You need to make an offer that is of real value to a potential client, something that promises so much irresistible value that they want to talk to you. Now that you are speaking directly, it is inevitable that some of these potential customers will turn into customers.

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