Head of Sales / Sales Managers List

Head of Sales / Sales Managers List

Sales team decision-makers data suitable for postal, telemarketing and email approaches.

A database covering national sales managers, account managers, head of sales and equivalent job titles; detailing contacts that are responsible for the company’s sales / business development department.

All intelligence has been recently collected via a UK call centre, with each company contacted at least once as part of a 6-monthly calling cycle, to verify key business intelligence and opt-in email addresses accordingly.  Average age of data records is just 90-days.

For additional screening data can be segmented based on location, company sector, number of employees and exact job title.

There are a total of 25,475 contacts across 23,778 companies listed suitable for telemarketing, of these 23,487 (92%) also have an email address listed.

We offer a minimum 98% accuracy guarantee for all contact information supplied.

Some basic breakdowns are below based on sales decision-makers with actual sales related titles, additional contacts are also available for job roles with more general titles (eg MD’s who are in charge of the company sales process, rather than a dedicated department/decision-maker)

1 - I.T. & Telecoms Industry 2518
2 - Marketing Industry 1231
3 - Government 38
4 - Health Sector 70
5 - Manufacturing Industries 2344
6 - Finance / Banking 354
7 - Education Sector 178
8 - Building & Construction 2349
9 - Motor Services 178
10 - Office Services 1155
11 - Professional Services 721
12 - Engineering 3917
13 - Retail Sector 1398
14 - Wholesale & Distribution 3830
15 - Leisure 725
16 - Services 448
17 - Chemical Processing 431
18 - Transport 416
19 - Publishing & Media 746
20 - Mineral/Fuel/Metal 156
21 - Public Services 122
22 - Charities 205
23 - Agriculture 248

Sales Manager 7899
Sales Director 5203
Sales & Marketing Manager 2144
Sales & Marketing Director 1550
Marketing & Sales Manager 1026
Account Manager 517
Sales Executive 475
Marketing & Sales Director 417
Head of Sales 354
Sales Co-Ordinator 316
Senior Sales Executive 304
Estimator 260
Sales Assistant 196
Sales Office Manager 192
Sales Representative 160
Sales 152
UK Sales Manager 139
Head of Sales & Marketing 126
Sales & Marketing Co-Ordinator 101
National Sales Manager 96
Sales Engineer 96
Technical Sales Manager 94
Sales & Marketing Executive 87
After Sales Manager 82
Sales Consultant 74
Director of Sales 68
Sales & Marketing 62
General Sales Manager 54
Area Sales Manager 53
Box Office Manager 53
Internal Sales Manager 52
Director of Sales & Marketing 49
Sales Negotiator 44
UK Sales Director 42
Senior Sales Manager< 41
Technical Sales Director 37
Regional Sales Manager 36
Estimating Manager 35
International Sales Manager 33
Sales Support 32
Group Sales Director 30
Sales Development Manager 29
Sales Supervisor 28
Head of Marketing & Sales 27
Sales Administration Manager 27
Other Contact Job Title 2533

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