How has 2018 gone for your Business?

How has 2018 gone for your Business?

How has 2018 gone for your Business?  

If it's gone well – congratulations!  

If things haven’t quite been as successful as you’d hoped, now is the time to plan your 2019 to ensure a more successful year.  

You cannot carry on as you have been this year and expect things to get better next year. You are going to have to make some changes!  

One of the most common issues from business owners is that they have trouble winning and keeping new customers and that is the most effective way of improving business isn’t it?  

The best way to do this is to improve your marketing techniques.  I know, I know, but this really is the most realistic answer.   

The main principles of marketing are the 3 Ms – Market, Message, Medium  

Market To get started it is vital that you identify your market and your target audience in as much detail as you possibly can.  

Your products might be relevant to everyone out there, but you need to focus on one or two specific audiences to make your marketing campaign completely relevant to those people.  

The effectiveness of your marketing is all about the relevance to customers of your message.  

Message When you have your specific target audience you will be able to identify exactly what is important to them.  

What makes them purchase something? What needs do they have that you can satisfy with your product?  

You need to be incredibly precise in identifying your specific audiences, so you can understand key issues in their industry area or their exact geographical location.  

Medium What is the best way to communicate with your audience? What kind of lifestyle do they have? Which channel is going to be best to reach them?  

You need to use more than one channel of communication.  This way each method reinforces the other and ensures that you will reach the maximum number of potential customers.  That after all is what you are striving for.
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