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How well do you know your customer avatar?

The top priority for any marketing campaign is that the message is read, watched or listened to. No matter how fantastic your offer is, if you don’t grab people’s attention and engage them in the first instance then the uptake will be very poor.

The key to captivating your audience is to make the offer completely relevant to them. One of the biggest pitfalls in marketing is trying to appeal to everybody. This can mean that you actually end up appealing to no one.

Whatever your audience, you need to break them down into individual sectors and address each one differently. A stay at home Mum in her 30s is going to have very different interests and concerns to a stay at home Mum in her 50s or 60s.

In her 30s a stay at home Mum would be concerned with young children, picking schools, fashion, diet and feeding your family on a budget and the lady in her 60s will be thinking about retirement, grandchildren and more than likely, healthcare. Yes, I am aware that these may be huge generalisations and there are exceptions to every rule, but you get the general idea.

You want to make the audience think that the message is especially for them. That it is specifically relevant to them and contains important information to address their individual needs.

Some of the information might apply to many sectors and can be used across the board. The key to success with this is how it is positioned.

You are much more likely to read something that grabs your attention. Reading doesn’t automatically translate to sales, but the key is to get their attention and readership in the first instance, you can take the rest from there.

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