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This Little Known Secret…

Is This Little-Known Secret the Key to Growing Your Business?

All business owners would like to grow their businesses. That’s a pretty fair statement isn’t it?

To simply how you do this you can break it down in to two things that you have to do:

1. Make people aware of you, what you do and the benefits you can deliver

2. Persuade them that you are the right company to supply them with what they need.

If you can do these two things, then you are heading in the right direction for success.

There are lots of ways you can make your company more visible so that people are aware of you but the most important is advertising both on and off line.

A successful advertising campaign grabs the customers attention and is memorable. To do this you need a great headline. The headline has to instantly persuade someone to read the rest of your communication and you should spend just as much time thinking about that as you do the rest of the marketing campaign.

It is not the headlines job to sell the product but to grab the interest of a person so that they want to read the next line. You don’t want to use your company name as the headline. This will not encourage readers to carry on and how does that really tell me what your company is all about and what you can offer me?

If you don’t hook the customer from that headline, then we have failed in our advertising campaign and our investment is wasted.

This template for a heading works perfectly across nearly all businesses and it is…

Is this little-known secret the key to…?

A bikini body in 28 days?

Relieving stress in your day to day life?

A great night’s sleep?

Meeting your perfect partner?

Landing that promotion at work?

Doubling your sales?

The reason that it works so well is that secrets are intriguing, we all like to know the details of a good secret.We want to think we are one of the few people that know the answer, especially when others around you don’t.It also works so well because questions engage the customer, makes them think about things and then they usually come up with answers themselves as well.

We all like simple solutions to problems and if it suggests that one simple secret is the answer to a major issue or problem in our lives then we are going to want to know more.

Last but not least, the headline includes a much-desired benefit. If this is a problem that we have in our lives, we are definitely going to want to learn more about how to solve it and that is when you draw the customer in.It appeals to basic human nature, so go on and give it a try…

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