Central Government and Quangos

The Central Government Database includes contacts from:

Government Departments and Agencies:

Our comprehensive database features key contacts from major government departments such as Defence, Health, and the Cabinet Office. It also includes contacts from their sponsored executive agencies like the Environment Agency and Companies House, as well as a broad spectrum of other national Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs), commonly referred to as QUANGOS. Additionally, the database encompasses contacts from the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, organised by their respective departments.

Law and Criminal Justice Organisations:

To facilitate easier selection, organisations associated with law and criminal justice are categorised as separate entity types. This includes the unified court service of England and Wales, managed by His Majesty’s Court Service, which oversees local courts such as Crown, County, and Magistrates Courts. Magistrates Courts handle most offences, Crown Courts deal with serious criminal cases, and County Courts manage civil cases. In Scotland, the judicial system includes Sheriff & District Courts, and in Northern Ireland, it comprises Petty Sessions.

The Probation and Criminal Justice Services:

The Probation Service in England and Wales focuses on the rehabilitation of ex-offenders and the supervision of community service. In Scotland, the corresponding entity is the Criminal Justice Service, part of local authorities’ social services, which manages similar responsibilities. Detailed contacts for Criminal Justice Service Managers are available in the Local Government Database.

The Prison Service:

This section of the database covers contacts involved with the management of offenders serving custodial sentences. The structure and operational details of the Prison Service are consistent throughout the UK.


Our database also lists local QUANGOS that are primarily engaged in employment, regeneration, training, and business initiatives such as Business Links, Chambers of Commerce, and Enterprise Agencies. While these bodies are often privately funded by their members, they are included due to their involvement in publicly funded local training and enterprise programs.

Civil Service Contacts

Excluding QUANGOS, the majority of contacts listed within the Central Government database are civil servants who execute policies set by elected Members of Parliament and provide essential feedback and advice. The Civil Service operates without political bias and remains unaffected by elections or ministerial changes. It represents approximately 10% of the workforce within the Public Sector.

The following table lists some of the extensive data we hold

The table below shows the number of records we hold by central government organisation type