Dentists Database

Overview of Dental Services:

In the UK, dental services are predominantly delivered through dental practices, which typically operate as partnerships or corporate entities. These practices employ qualified dentists and generally offer a combination of NHS and privately funded treatments. While NHS coverage subsidizes a portion of the costs, patients usually cover the remaining fees. There are also exclusively NHS-run practices, as well as others that provide only private treatments.

Database Coverage:

The Oscar database comprehensively lists all UK dental practices, designating the Practice Manager or, in smaller practices, the Principal Dentist as the primary contact.

Additional Profiling Information:

Group Name: Identifies the group affiliation of each practice, if applicable.

Number of Dentists: Provides a count of the dentists working within each practice.

Type of Funding: Details whether the practice engages in NHS-only, mixed NHS and private, or exclusively private dental services.

This database is an essential resource for those seeking to connect with dental practices across the UK, offering detailed information on practice operations and funding types.