GP Surgeries Database

Comprehensive Coverage:

Our GP Surgeries Database provides detailed information on all GP surgeries throughout the UK, including their affiliations with Integrated Care Boards in England and Health Boards in Scotland and Wales. Where relevant, practices are also linked to Federations, enhancing the connectivity and collaboration within the healthcare sector.

Extensive Data Inclusions:

The database includes detailed listings of Branch Surgery sites, the number of GPs at each practice, and comprehensive contact information.

Role and Contact Scope:

Coverage within the database extends to Senior GP contacts, Practice Managers, and Practice Nurses. It also encompasses Board Level and Senior Posts within Federations and related organizations, ensuring broad access to key healthcare professionals.

This database serves as a vital tool for anyone needing detailed and organized information about GP practices across the UK, facilitating effective communication and operations within the healthcare industry.

Here are some examples of the data we can access