NHS Database

Overview of the NHS Structure:

The National Health Service (NHS) stands as the largest employer in the UK, though it is not a single unified entity. Due to devolution and significant organisational changes in recent years, the structure of the NHS continues to evolve distinctly across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Database Coverage:

Our database provides detailed information on senior and mid-level roles within all functional areas of the NHS, encompassing both management and medical/clinical sectors.

Regional Organisational Structures:

Since 2011, the NHS in England has seen extensive reorganisation. The former Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts have been replaced by a new framework designed to deliver healthcare primarily at the local level. Services are now predominantly provided or commissioned through Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), which consist of groups of GP surgeries, or managed at the secondary care level by Hospital Trusts. Public health services have transitioned to local authorities, which collaborate with CCGs through Health and Wellbeing Boards to jointly commission services. Additionally, a variety of new ‘Community Healthcare’ providers have emerged, including Health and Care Trusts and Community Interest Companies, offering community, mental health, primary care, and nursing services alongside traditional providers.

In Scotland, the healthcare system is simplified, with Scottish Health Boards managing all operational responsibilities within their regions. Community Health Partnerships deliver a range of community health services and work closely with primary healthcare professionals, hospitals, and local councils.

Wales operates through Local Health Boards that manage both primary and secondary healthcare services, with all but one health service being integrated under these boards, eliminating the need for separate NHS Trusts.

Northern Ireland:
The structure in Northern Ireland consists of unified Health & Social Care Trusts that, along with various national bodies, coordinate and provide all regional healthcare services.

GP Practices Across the UK:
Our database includes contacts for GP Practices nationwide, covering roles such as Practice Managers, Senior GPs, and Senior Nurses. Each practice designates a main contact, usually the Practice Manager, who is listed with an email address to streamline communication. This ‘Chief Officer’ category ensures you can connect directly with a key decision-maker in each practice. This NHS database is an invaluable resource for professionals seeking comprehensive and up-to-date contact information across the diverse and evolving landscape of the UK’s healthcare system.

Here are some samples of the data we hold for the NHS