Parish, Town, and Community Council Database

Introduction to Parish and Town Councils:

Parish and town councils represent the grassroots level of local government. In England, these councils have increasingly been encouraged by central government to play a more active role in community democracy, leading to the formation of new councils. These councils typically serve villages, neighbourhoods, or towns that fall below the district or borough level. This structure is unique to England outside of Greater London and does not extend to Wales or Scotland, where “Community councils” serve a similar function but under different regulatory frameworks.

Community Councils in Wales and Scotland:

In Wales and Scotland, the equivalent structures are known as community councils. These bodies focus on representing the specific concerns and aspirations of their local communities, adapting to the unique governance frameworks of their respective countries.

Database Organization and Contact Details:

Our database comprehensively covers the contact details of clerks and chairpersons for all parish, town, and community councils across England, Scotland, and Wales. Town councils, generally larger entities, tend to have contact details centred around office addresses. In contrast, parish and community councils are often smaller, and the contacts for these are typically the home addresses of the clerks. It is common for one clerk to serve multiple councils. It’s important to note that many clerks manage these responsibilities alongside full-time jobs unrelated to their council duties, highlighting their commitment to serving their communities.

This database provides vital information for anyone needing to connect with local governance at the most fundamental level, facilitating communication and engagement with key local government figures across the UK.

The following tables show the breakdowns of the Parish Council Database Counts, and coverage is shown by the key selection areas of the database. The figures are re-calculated every 24 hours based on the latest research.