The Further and Higher Education Database

Educational Landscape:

The UK’s tertiary education encompasses a broad spectrum of institutions, ranging from Sixth Form colleges—historically linked to the school system—to a diverse and burgeoning university sector. This includes specialized Further and Higher Education Colleges focusing on fields such as the Arts or Agriculture. The key distinction in this sector is that Higher Education institutions have the authority to confer degrees, whereas Further Education colleges may offer degree-level courses that result in qualifications awarded by a university.

Database Structure:

Posts: The database comprehensively covers senior roles within all UK colleges and universities, including Vice Chancellors, Principals, as well as senior and mid-level management. It also includes heads of faculties and departments.

Job Functions: While job titles can vary greatly, the database utilizes standardized functional categories to clarify the responsibilities associated with each role.

Student Numbers: We provide the number of students at each institution, expressed as Full-time Equivalent (FTE) to account for the prevalence of part-time study options in many colleges. This database serves as a vital resource for those needing detailed information on the leadership and administrative structures within the UK’s further and higher education sectors, supporting effective communication and strategic planning within and between these educational institutions.