UK Government and Public Services Database

Comprehensive Coverage:

This live database encompasses all sectors of government, healthcare, housing, and education across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It serves as a thorough record of public services, maintained, and updated in real time.

Expertly Researched:

Our dedicated UK-based team of 15 researchers works diligently to gather and verify data, employing a variety of proprietary methods and unique data points. This ensures the database is both accurate and comprehensive.

Detailed Information Provided:

Each entry in the database is richly detailed with categorization, demographic insights, and essential contact information, making it an invaluable tool for various professional needs.

Key Database Features:

Industry and Customer Benchmarking: Ideal for analysing sector trends and setting industry standards.

Credit Checking and Approval Matching: Facilitates the vetting process for financial reliability and compatibility.

Research Foundation: Acts as a dependable basis for detailed reports and research projects within the public sector. This database represents the ultimate resource for intelligence and benchmarking within the UK’s public services, designed to support a range of professional activities and decision-making processes.