Send A News Letter Not A Snoozeletter

Send A News Letter Not A Snoozeletter

Communication with your clients is key, particularly after they've made that crucial first purchase. It's easy to let contact with a client slip away as time passes.

One view not to take is that your customers know what you do and that they'll get in touch when they want to order. Leaving long periods without contact will result in your clients forgetting about you. They need to be reminded that you still exist and of the reasons why they should come back to you.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through a newsletter. Once a client has bought something from you it won't do you any harm to add them to a mailing list to keep your company fresh in their minds and ready for the next time they your services.

In today's terms the image that's conjured is one of a general email about some employees who have done well, perhaps an ode to an employee that's leaving and a bunch of sales clutter trying to get you to buy more.

That is what's called a snoozeletter. 

A newsletter is a tool to build relationships with your clients but they have to be implemented correctly.

The benefits of a good newsletter should be to engage your customers, educate them on your products and services, introduce team members, share testimonials and show new developments within your company.

The exposure of those things will help reinforce your standing as a reliable and trustworthy source to your clients. That's the overall goal, to strengthen the relationship with the client.

Those are the overall aims of any newsletter and you have to make sure your clients look forward to reading it and enjoy it or they'll simply ignore it.

There are a couple of key points to help you make your newsletter appealing:

Don't sell overtly, you need to promote your company but it must not be too overbearing.

Using a creative and engaging title will pique the interest of any clients before they even read it.

If your newsletter is particularly lengthy or consists of several pages then a table of contents won't hurt as your clients can go to the articles that most interest them. Another important hook is your lead article. You have to make sure the lead article grabs the attention of any readers, particularly those that are new readers. Make it a personal story, people find those a lot more engaging.

The rough split between content relating to your business and semi-relevant content should be 40%/60% respectively. Semi-relevant content being things like testimonials, seasonal themes, customer spotlights, welcoming new customers etc.

Don't forget pictures. These will break up big blocks of text and make it easier for readers.

It has to look appealing. A stapled together printout on office paper with Comic Sans font won't do. No one would take it seriously. Look into using a professional designer to get the best layout and look.

Finally you have the age old argument of digital or hard copy. A hard copy works better in that a reader needs to stop what they're doing and physically pick up your newsletter to read it. It can be harder to grab a reader's attention with a digital copy as it'll be another tab/window to add totheir desktop.

If you have the budget then why not send out a physicaly copy and follow that up with a digital copy.

The other thing to consider is what your client prefers, include an option for one or both forms for those interested in subscribing.
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