Mailing list databases

The most basic level of list we provide is standard direct mail data, supplied with name and address for the purposes of postal marketing and mail-shots. Consumer data is initially based on electoral roll information, with additional lifestyle variables appended to ensure a well-targeted approach. Business data is based on Companies House information, matched against industry leading data-files to append further variables for segmentation. All data is screened against the MPS register pre-delivery.

Telemarketing data

Telemarketing can be the most direct and effective marketing channel to generate new business for both B2B and B2C offerings. However, the success of any telemarketing project will depend on the quality of the database used for calling. Inaccurate and unreliable information is not only de-motivating for call agents, but increases the overall “cost per sale” due to wasted resources. Prospect 360 provide telemarketing lists that are up-to-date and include the relevant decision-maker contact where appropriate. All data is screened against the TPS register pre-delivery.

E-mail data

The ability to target a company decision-maker, or consumer, via e-mail is now a well-established marketing approach. In today’s “computer age” pretty much everything in life can be found, viewed and bought online. A company’s marketing budget should reflect this. Our e-mail lists are mainly generated through online research, supplemented with national lifestyle surveys executed by post and phone. New data is collected daily and constantly feeds into the master file to ensure cutting edge accuracy of information. All the consumer e-mail lists we provide have been fully opted in, either where the consumer states their interest in a particular area (Investment Property, Theatre, Online Poker, Man Utd etc) or is considering a purchase and has clicked to request more information on a specific area (such as loan consolidation, health insurance, writing a will, buying a new phone / car / house etc). We can also manage the e-mail broadcasting on your behalf, through our in-house state-of-the-art facilities.

E-mail broadcasting

Using our in-house system we are able to strategically manage your e-mail marketing campaign. This includes full recipient click analysis, such as “followed link”, “opened attachment”, “forwarded e-mail”, “deleted un-read” etc. An e-mail list of good prospects is the first stage, followed up with a well-presented and succinct e-mail message. Potential purchasers will soon become buyers using exactly the right approach.

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