The most basic list we provide contains names and addresses in line with standard direct mail data enabling our clients to carry out marketing by post. We compile our Consumer Data from the electoral role and then enhance value by applying different lifestyle traits and demographies to guarantee a well targeted, intelligent process. Our Business Data is sourced from Companies house then cross matched with industry-leading data collection processors, providing multiple layers of additional data, allowing us to break the data down into hyper targeted segments. All of our data lists are screened against the Mail Preference Service to ensure unsolicited mail is not sent out.

Telemarketing Data

As a business, telemarketing is one of the most direct and effective marketing channels available. It can be used for both B2B and B2C in generating new business. The core success of using this method is reliant on having a database you know is accurate and up to date. The knock on effect of using poor quality should not be underestimated. An increase in the cost of sales, a waste of time and effort for your telemarketing team and a risk of damage to your reputation. You can rely on Prospect360 to provide you with the most up to date lists for telemarketing that have been screened by the Telephone Preference Service TPS register before being sent out and our lists provide the name of the appropriate decision maker.

Email Data For B2B

In a world where everything can be searched, found and purchased online, companies are increasing putting more budget behind digital marketing. Still the most effective and way to do this is by direct email to the key decision maker or consumer, in fact it has never been so effective. GDPR prevents businesses from cold emailing consumers directly, a business has to have their own ‘opted-in’ email list to send email. At Prospect360 our B2B email data he’s been thoroughly researched online and our data collection process is operating 24/7 so we know that it is completely up to date, thus ensuring we can provide the most detailed, accurate, timely data to our clients.

One of the reasons we know are email lists are so good is because we also provide a cutting edge email marketing management service and can broadcast you emails for you.

Email Marketing

We know how effective B2B email marketing and our email data can be. We practice what we preach and use our data to regularly generate new clients and sales. We offer our in-house team to provide this service to you. We can create you a highly targeted email marketing campaign that gets results. We can manage the entire process and give detailed reporting on the results, providing an analysis showing the email receipt, open rate. We can detail any further action taken, was a link followed, was an attachment opened, etc. A successful email campaign can generate great returns on investment and generate the sales you need at a price that is good for you.

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