Email Broadcasting

Email Broadcasting and Automation Services

Is your lack of time mean you are leaving money on the table?

Are the emails you are sending going straight into spam?

Email open rates through the floor?

Prospect360 get your emails opened fast and out of spam folders!

Do you have enough time to get your email broadcasting solution right? 

Most businesses lack sufficient time or expertise to make their email marketing “profitable” and only have the option of chatbots e-mails for technical support. You need a consultative partner for cutting-edge email strategy that can actively help you put your technology to use in the best and most efficient way possible. A Prospect360 dedicated account manager will develop a workable strategy to increase your email marketing results

Do you lack technical expertise?

Many companies don’t have the technical expertise, so they resort to occasional email marketing that often doesn’t provide much return. Prospect360 uses ZoomMail, which means that we can offer a suite of email automation features that can deliver personalised emails to recipients that are triggered by their behaviour. We work directly with our clients to develop and launch email automation & marketing campaign strategies. Our goal is to increase your ROI and provide a time efficient way to communicate with your customers.

How many different broadcasting and tracking tools will I need?

A lot of businesses are using tools that are not integrated with one another – which leaves scope for improvement. Working with the wrong tools can cause delays.  Integrating AI capabilities to your technology can help you create automated marketing workflows, saving precious time and driving overall marketing performance. At Prospect360, we help clients devise and build personalised integrations to suit their specific requirements. We work with them to create bespoke campaigns that are designed to accelerate the performance of their marketing expeditions. We track and adapt your emails so they’re more engaging. Monitor which pages readers click on and what they’re interested in – then use that to tailor your content to their needs.

We get more insights into your email campaign. Tracking the recipients actions on email, when they open and click the email message, what links they clicked and on which device they clicked them, where they are located when making those clicks, etc.

Also we track how engaged your recipients are across email, website, and social media. You can analyse the open and click rates of your emails, the number of visits to your website and even the number of shares on social media.

To find out how we can help you with your email broadcasting requirements and keep your emails out the spam folders.  Call us today.

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