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Email Marketing Design and Copy Production

Sending regular marketing emails doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. It is a good way to reach people who are not active on social media, and it’s also a great way to reach people who have already seen your content on other channels.

Email marketing can be used for many different purposes. For example, you can use email marketing as a lead generation tool. You can also use email marketing as a way to nurture leads and turn them into customers.

Sending regular marketing emails doesn’t have to be a stressful experience

It can be overwhelming thinking about what to write and sending out the right kind of emails to your data list. There’s also timing and how you should be sending them. You’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about this and not getting anything done!

Whether it’s from knowing what to send, when to send them or even how to send them, it can be daunting (and time-consuming!) when you’re not sure if you’re doing it right.

Email marketing only works well when it’s done consistently, and correctly 

We have over 20 years delivering our services to many different industries, including product-based businesses. Our email marketing is particularly strong for two reasons: firstly, we know how to craft an enticing offer that people actually want to buy; and secondly, we are really good at building compelling autoresponder emails that nurture leads over time.

If you’re looking for help, rest assured that we are here to take take away your pain

You can use Prospect360, an email marketing agency, to represent your business and communicate with your emails contacts without all the hassle of using different platforms, terminology not familiar to you or building a new emailing list from scratch.

Our email marketing service has a proven track record so, you’re on the winning team. It’s proven to bring more sales, more revenue and actual paying customers which can make or break your business.

We can provide all the copywriting you need including creating a bespoke landing page to make a compelling offer.  We constantly monitor, test and report various data metrics, including open rates, and tracking actions taken by the recipients.

It all starts with a friendly chat to make sure we are the right fit for each other. So either email, call or request a call back at a convenient time for you.

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