Landing Page Production

Landing Page Design and Production

Suffering from a leaky sales pipeline?  

Sales not converting as they should be?

Is your landing page losing you sales?

There are so many reasons that you are losing sales and leaving money on the table. One of the biggest reasons is that even after you have successfully split tested your subject line, optimised your messaging, and honed your call to action, your landing page is not congruent or aligned to your offer.

It’s true.  When you have gone to all the effort of maximising your email traffic to go to your website, the page they reach just does not make them take the next step.  Too often we see pages that are uninspiring and unclear for the visitor.

Your landing page should be well written with clear and multiple calls to action.  Tell your visitor the next step they should take and make it easy for them.  Use language and images that easily reassures them they have come to the right place.

Landing pages that convert and work

We provide our clients with landing page design that are visually appealing, clearly understandable and are constantly monitored to ensure the best user experience.  With our landing pages you will know where your prospect has clicked and scrolled too.  Actions taken on the landing page are tracked so that the recipient can be segmented and tagged within your email list.  This allows us to grow a deeper understanding of visitor so we can tailor new email offers in the future.  With a Prospect360 landing page design and production everything is tracked and reported so that gain the maximum feedback to make better informed choices going forward.

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