TPS Cleansing

TPS Cleansing

TPS  (The telephone Preference Service) is a register held and maintained by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association).  We use this register to make sure that people who have expressed a preference, are not subjected to receiving unsolicited telephone calls. The TPS is the only official register of telephone numbers, landline and mobile, where people have specifically requested to opt out of receiving live sales and marketing calls.

Your TPS Responsibility

In the UK there is a legal requirement to be checking or have your telephone numbers checked against the TPS. Breaking the rules can make you liable to fine up to £500,000 and that includes calling existing customers, if they are on the TPS register.  Complaints are received by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) who will investigate and instigate any action it deems fit.

Telephone numbers should be screened every 28 days against TPS or CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) And it is not restricted to private companies, it covers profit and non-profit entities such as companies, charities and volunteer organisations.

How Do I have my data screened?

Do not worry, help is at hand.  We handle a great amount of data every day and we have to ensure it is compliant.  We do this for our own data lists and we can do it for you.

Give yourself peace of mind

Call one of our team today and arrange for your data to be cleansed. They will be able to guide you through the data protection maze.  We will be happy to help relieve you of the stress and worry of falling fowl of data legislation.

Call us today.