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Spam Triggers. How To Avoid Being Blacklisted

Spam Triggers. How To Avoid Being Blacklisted

How to Spam triggers effect your email deliverability? Emails are often considered to be a nuisance because they can easily end up in spam or junk mail. To avoid this happening, it is important to make sure that the email is engaging and relevant.

There are many reasons why emails can end up in spam. For example, if the email contains spelling mistakes or bad grammar, it will most likely end up in spam. Another reason could be that the email was sent to a large number of people at once which might have triggered spam filters.

6 Simple Tips to Avoid Your Emails Going into Spam

There are some simple tips that you can take to avoid your emails going into spam.

1.     Make sure that your email has a subject line that is relevant and catchy. 

2.     Keep the email short and concise. 

3.     Make sure that you include a link to your website or contact information in the body of the email. 

4.     Include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email. 

5.     Make sure that you send emails to people who have given you permission to do so. S

6.     Use a professional looking template for all your emails so they don’t look spammy.

What is a spam trigger?

A spam trigger is any type of content that will cause a recipient to mark an email as spam. In order to avoid this, marketers should be careful about what they include in their emails and make sure that it’s relevant and useful.

There are many different types of spam triggers, but some of the most common are:

-Inappropriate content: This can include anything from nudity to violence or anything else that would make a recipient uncomfortable.

-Irrelevant content: If the email isn’t related to the recipients interests or needs, it can be marked as spam.

-Unclear purpose: If an email doesn’t have a clear call-to-action, it can be easily mistaken for spam.

What is a Spam Trigger in Mailing List Marketing?

A spam trigger is a word or phrase that is likely to cause a recipient to delete the email.

A spam trigger can be identified as any word or phrase that might make the recipient delete the email, such as “click here”, “please unsubscribe”, and “unsubscribe now”.

Spam triggers are words or phrases that are likely to cause recipients to delete your email. A spam trigger can be anything from “click here” and “please unsubscribe” to “unsubscribe now.” You don’t want to use spam triggers in your email marketing campaigns.

What causes emails to go to spam?

Email providers look for a number of factors when deciding whether to automatically send your emails to spam. If your on an email black list, you’ve repeatedly sent emails to recipients who haven’t signed up for your email list. It is true that email system providers will be much more likely to deliver your emails if you look like a reputable sender.  So how to you do that?

Always include an unsubscribe button so that a recipient has the choice to continue receiving you mails or not.  Any reputable email marketer will do this.

Make sure your emails are clean and well coded, they need to look like professional emails. 

Don’t have strange formatting or weird looking out of place fonts. The emails need to be easily readable.

If you can personalise your emails, use the recipient’s name.  Be careful as sometimes when this is automated you might pick up the wrong name and you will be straight into the spam folder.

Resist using over worked or used phases

“While you sleep” is just an overused phrase and it loses its charm really quickly. Today, people are far more sceptical to advertisements than they used to be, so if they deem your offer not-that-convincing, there’s a chance they won’t open it at all.

There are plenty of words you can use that have been identified as potential spam trigger words and they should be either avoided or be used within the correct context.

Here below is a list of potential spam trigger keywords.  By no means is it exhaustive so be careful with the wording you use.

Potential Spam Trigger words
As seen on
Buy direct
Buying judgments
Order status
Orders shipped by shopper
Additional income
Be your own boss
Compete for your business
Double your
Earn $
Earn extra cash
Earn per week
Expect to earn
Extra income
Home based
Home employment
Homebased business
Income from home
Make $
Make money
Money making
Online biz opportunity
Online degree
Potential earnings
University diplomas
While you sleep
Work at home
Work from home
0% risk
100% free
100% more
100% satisfaction
Additional income
At no cost
Be your own boss
Big bucks
Billion dollars
Cash bonus
Consolidate debt and credit
Consolidate your debt
Double your income
Earn cash
Earn extra cash
Earn per week
Eliminate bad credit
Eliminate debt
Fantastic deal
Fast cash
Fast money
Financial freedom
Financially independent
Free investment

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