Wedding Services List

Wedding Services List

Prospect360 offers high quality data lists of wedding services, wedding suppliers, venues and more. We are the leading supplier of quality data for the wedding industry. Find a DJ, photographer, venue, or caterer for your big day. Search for the perfect dress, order an invitation or find the perfect flowers for your special day.

In this table we have selected data for all the companies dealing with weddings, transport, video, food, flowers, venues and have segmented the data to show

Table 1 Postal and Telephone Data by Region

East Anglia47
East Midlands87
Greater London180
North East33
North West132
Northern Ireland36
South East220
South West140
West Midlands90
Yorkshire & The Humber96

Postal and Telephone Data by Company size using number of employees

Employee Size BandTOTAL
1 to 4452
5 to 9107
10 to 1959
20 to 4976
50 to 9933
100 to 24911
250 to 4991

Table 3 Personal email of a decision maker by company size

Employee Size BandTOTAL
1 to 4114
5 to 932
10 to 1921
20 to 4943
50 to 9925
100 to 2497
250 to 4991

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