B2B Telemarketing Data

B2B Telemarketing Data

As a business, telemarketing is one of the most direct and effective marketing channels available. It can be used for both B2B and B2C in generating new business. The core success of using this method is reliant on having a database you know is accurate and up to date. The knock on effect of using poor quality should not be underestimated. An increase in the cost of sales, a waste of time and effort for your telemarketing team and a risk of damage to your reputation. You can rely on Prospect360 to provide you with the most up to date lists for telemarketing that have been screened by the Telephone Preference Service TPS register before being sent out and our lists provide the name of the appropriate decision maker.

Enhance your telemarketing campaign results by using freshly verified call centre leads.

Providing reliable and up-to-date telemarketing lists is a main specialist area of ours, we take the hassle out of sourcing outbound calling data allowing you and your agents to focus on generating leads.

With our background and previous experience in outsourced telemarketing we fully appreciate the methodologies in place to develop and maintain a successful sales team – who are fully trained, motivated, using the appropriate technology and supported by using viable prospect leads.

Ensuring outbound contact-centre agents are using the best possible data can be a tricky process, with multiple list providers offering what seem like identical lists, but in reality are very different when it comes to utilising the data. We use our expertise to ensure you don’t waste your time with “pile it high sell it cheap” style data companies, or have to deal with empty promises and exaggerated accuracy levels.

In addition to highly accurate and responsive data, we also provide our clients with peace of mind that data has been recently verified via telephone, is fully compliant, TPS and cTPS screened and comprehensively covers the UK business marketplace.

There are several selections available to ensure telemarketing data is screened against pre-agreed criteria, to ensure your target list doesn’t include company locations, types and sizes etc that are not appropriate for the campaign.  The more profiling that is applied at the front-end, is less qualifying that needs to be done at agent level. Other strategic approaches adopted can also ensure results are maximised.

As an indication of data availability, here is a breakdown covering all business sectors in the UK, excluding numbers registered on the TPS:

FAQs for B2B Telemarketing Data:

Why is having an accurate and up-to-date database important for successful telemarketing campaigns?

Using a database that is accurate and up to date ensures that your telemarketing efforts are focused on reaching the right contacts. It minimises the risk of wasted time and effort, as well as potential damage to your reputation.

How does Prospect360 ensure the quality of its telemarketing lists?

Prospect360 ensures the quality of its telemarketing lists by screening them through the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) register before sending them out. This ensures compliance and helps identify contacts who prefer not to receive unsolicited calls.

How can using freshly verified call centre leads enhance my telemarketing campaign results?

Using freshly verified call centre leads increases the chances of connecting with interested prospects. These leads are regularly updated and verified, increasing the likelihood of reaching decision-makers who are more likely to convert into valuable leads.

What sets Prospect360 apart from other telemarketing data providers?

Prospect360 differentiates itself from other telemarketing data providers by offering highly accurate and responsive data that is recently verified via telephone. They prioritize compliance with TPS and cTPS regulations, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the UK business marketplace.

Can Prospect360 assist in refining telemarketing data based on specific campaign criteria?

Yes, Prospect360 offers various selection options to screen telemarketing data against pre-agreed criteria. This ensures that your target list includes only relevant company locations, types, and sizes, minimizing the need for additional qualification at the agent level and maximizing campaign results.