Business (B2B) Mailing Data Lists

Business (B2B) Mailing Data Lists

We hold the personal postal addresses of 1,922,198 decision makers for businesses in the UK. We also have 679,271 records, where we hold both postal and telephone number for a decision maker. This is is quality data that we guarantee am minimum accuracy rate of 95%. All of your data can be segmented in many ways including by SIC code/Industry and by region, company size.

Email marketing list UK

A database of email addresses can be incredibly useful for a number of reasons: it becomes easier to combine email lists or create email lists for segmenting markets; it allows you to target people more effectively; and it provides a quick way to contact people if you have a question.

The table below shows the number of postal records of a decision maker we hold that can be marketed to. The total of 1,922,198 has been broken down by SIC code and the company size by the number of employees. There are 907,657 data records where we can identify the company by employee size, hence the “unknown” column containing 1,014,541 records.

Email marketing list UK up to date data with a business (B2B) mailing data List.

Please get in touch to get an up-to-date count.  Our data is screened every 30 days using the TPS to ensure it is up to date, clean and accurate.