B2B Email List – Business Email Data

B2B Email List – Business Email Data

If you want to buy database for marketing we off an extremely reliable and comprehensive marketing database of B2B email list and business email data covering businesses within all sectors and the whole of the UK. 95% of emails have a senior decision-maker contact listed; usually the MD / Owner or a senior manager and 75% are personal rather than generic.
There are several verification processes in place to ensure integrity of information including ongoing telephone research campaigns, email testing, opt in / opt-out programmes and third party feeds.
In addition to the contact names and emails, 100% of records are supplied with company name and full address. 80% with a telephone number after excluding those on TPS and 90% with a known employees figure for the business
To buy database for marketing, as standard we supply one email address per company, but on request (especially for the larger companies) there are multi-contacts per business available if required. Data is supplied for single sites or head offices only, but on request the data can also include company sites and branches if relevant.

The table below displays the number of email records we have for a decision maker who can be targeted for marketing. Based on the number of employees and SIC codes, the total of 1,922,198 has been separated into different firm sizes. There are 1,014,541 records in the “unknown” column since we can determine the organisation by the number of employees in 907,657 data records.

Please get in touch to get an up-to-date count.  Our data is screened every 30 days using the TPS to ensure it is up to date, clean, and accurate.

Unlock the Power of B2B Email Lists and Business Email Data for Unparalleled Marketing Success

When it comes to buying a marketing database, look no further. We proudly offer an incredibly reliable and comprehensive B2B email list and business email data that covers businesses across all sectors throughout the UK. Our database is a treasure trove of opportunities, with 95% of emails linked to senior decision-makers, typically the MD/Owner or a senior manager, and an impressive 75% being personal rather than generic.

Experience Unmatched Data Integrity 

We take data integrity seriously. Our commitment to providing accurate and reliable information is evident through our rigorous verification processes. Ongoing telephone research campaigns, email testing, opt-in/opt-out programs, and third-party feeds ensure the utmost integrity of the data we deliver. 

A Wealth of Essential Information at Your Fingertips 

Our B2B email list and business email data go beyond just contact names and emails. We provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of each business, including 100% of records with company names and full addresses. Furthermore, 80% of the records come with a telephone number (after excluding those on TPS), and an impressive 90% include a known employee figure for the business. 

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs 

At default, we supply one email address per company, ensuring you have a direct line of communication to key decision-makers. However, for larger companies or specific requirements, we offer the option to request multi-contacts per business. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility and options necessary to optimize your marketing campaigns and achieve exceptional results. 

Expand Your Reach with Relevant Data 

We understand that relevance is key in successful marketing campaigns. That’s why we offer data tailored to your needs. Whether you require information for single sites or head offices, or if you prefer to include company sites and branches, our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure you have the most pertinent and valuable data for your marketing endeavors. 

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy Today 

Don’t settle for subpar results. Unlock the true potential of your marketing campaigns with our unparalleled B2B email lists and business email data. Take advantage of our wealth of accurate and comprehensive information to connect with key decision-makers, drive conversions, and achieve remarkable ROI.

 B2B email list and business email data FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What industries are covered in your B2B email lists and business email data?

Our database covers businesses within all sectors across the entire UK. Whatever industry you’re targeting, we have the comprehensive data you need to reach your desired audience.

How accurate is the contact information in your B2B email lists?

We take data accuracy seriously. Our B2B email lists boast an impressive 95% accuracy rate, ensuring that you can connect with senior decision-makers, such as MDs/Owners or senior managers, with confidence.

Can I request multiple contacts per business in the B2B email lists?

Absolutely! While our standard offering provides one email address per company, we understand that larger companies may require multiple contacts. Simply let us know your specific requirements, and we’ll tailor the data to meet your needs.

Are telephone numbers included in the B2B email lists?

Yes, we provide telephone numbers for 80% of the records (after excluding those on TPS), giving you an additional avenue to connect with your target audience and strengthen your marketing efforts.

Can I receive data for specific locations or branches within a company?

Certainly! By default, our data includes information for single sites or head offices. However, upon request, we can also provide data that includes company sites and branches, allowing you to tailor your marketing campaigns to specific locations and expand your reach even further.

Get in touch with us today to elevate your marketing strategy to new heights.